Since moving to Walsall in 1992, I have been visiting St. Matthew’s Church, although I am not religious. I will never tire of going there and taking photographs. I have taken that many photos of the place that it could be considered as obsessive.

I have even researched the place, and according to  what I have read. Before the church was built, there used to be a windmill on the site. I was pleased to read this, because in the city where I am from, I used to live close to a windmill called Green’s Mill and I had the opportunity of working there for a few months in the very early 1980s. When I mention this to people, they do not believe me, at least I know that I did work in a windmill, and that is good enough for me.

There is only one windmill in Walsall, which has survived the years. In the 1920s it was converted into an observatory.  It is situated in someone sack garden now, in Caldmore.  

Each time I visit St. Matthew’s Church, I always seem to find something new, or see something I have never seen before, which is odd considering the amount of times I have visited the place, on the other hand, it is also exciting too, because the half hour walk there is worthwhile, despite, today, the poor weather conditions and poor light conditions for taking photos.